Identifying and Anticipating Cyber Attacks that Could Cause Physical Damage to Industrial Control Systems

DescriptionAbstract-- Physical control systems are increasingly controlled by reconfigurable, network-enabled devices to increase flexibility and ease commissioning and maintenance. Such capability creates vulnerabilities. Devices may be remotely reprogrammed by a malicious actor to act in unintended ways, causing physical damage to mechanical equipment, infrastructure, and life and limb. In this paper, past examples of actual damage to cyber- physical systems are shown, threats posed by software-controlled Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are analyzed, and a small-scale version of an attack on ubiquitous VFD equipment is demonstrated.
AuthorsMatthew Angle, Stuart Madnick, James L. Kirtley, Jr., Shaharyar Khan
Date PublishedJun 1, 2019
PDF Versionidentifying-and-anticipating-cyber-attacks-ics.1.pdf (3.4 MiB)