CAMS Research Program

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Successful cybersecurity leadership covers four critical areas shown in the pillars of our research program framework.


  • Board-level cyber education
  • Cybersecurity Impact on International Trade
  • Framework for types of cyber education throughout the organization
  • Ethics of cybersecurity
  • Cyber warfare


  • House of Security: assessing cyber maturity
  • Building organizational cybersecurity culture
  • Bridging the IT/OT culture gap
  • Framework for cyber education
  • Ethics of cybersecurity


  • Cyber safety: research in accident prevention
  • Cybersecurity of Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
  • Cloud computing cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity of IoT and autonomous vehicles
  • Vulnerability research
  • Bridging the IT/OT culture gap
  • Smart cities cybersecurity


  • Building organizational cybersecurity culture
  • Cyber insurance and risk mitigation
  • Comparing national cybersecurity frameworks
  • International cyber information sharing processes
  • Creating security without sacrificing usability
  • Success factors for cybersecurity companies