Gregory Falco


(From personal website) Rather than recounting my resume (found in the Experience page), I thought it could be more fun to share a glimpse inside my head.

The Art of Breaking Things is my approach to thinking, teaching and research. By breaking things and ultimately reconstructing them, we are forced to think through how either a process or a device was originally designed and developed. This generally reveals insights about the inner workings of the object of study. You then have a fun thought experiment on your hands for how you would rebuild the system. Sometimes you realize that the way the system is currently built is clever or elegant, serving the purpose of the system. Other times, you envision entirely new mechanisms that will drastically improve the system. Regardless, without breaking things, you would never fully understand the system or push through the status quo and create something totally new. Also, breaking things is inherently fun.

This is an art rather than a science because one's exploration of the system is subjective. There are no right answers.

If there were always right answers, how can anyone be expected to think outside the box?