Nelson Novaes


I work in cutting-edge areas as CTO and Cybersecurity Executive, with a successful 20-year track as a leader and innovator, with an entrepreneurial spirit, strong business acumen and record of success in delivering solutions to operations, preparing big companies for the digital world

Technology and innovation are organically interwoven. Both my personal and professional experiences have led me to believe that innovation can only be achieved by the cultivation of diversity. Only by warranting those around us to be and to express themselves can we gain genuine insights that will propel significant and necessary changes in the community in which we are inserted. It is through diversity, empathy blossoms, permitting us to transcend ideas that were once overshadowed by intolerance and arrogance.

My work ethics heavily relies on diversity. Years leading groups with divergent views have fostered within me a strong sense of empathy as I had to interact with not only different individuals, but also a plethora of distinctive stories and cultures that often made me revisit my own way of doing things. This humbling experience has strengthened ties with my teams and clients because I have allowed myself to be open to opinions and suggestions that I would not be able to conceptualize on my own.

My ideals as a human being today partly stem from these experiences. The other source shaping my ideals has risen from my assessment of the world’s current state of affairs. With all events going on around the world today and my expertise in online security, I feel even more energized to contribute to the well-being of those in more disadvantageous positions. As I am an enthusiastic advocate for protecting the most fundamental human rights, the issue involving bleach of one’s privacy has sparked my interest in defending humans’ right to privacy.

Diversity and protection of fundamental human rights are the driving force that has catapulted my willingness and efforts to ensure social justice through cooperation with others and through my commitment to the larger community.

I am one of the leading partners in the creation of C6 Bank, a rapidly expanding digital bank that values transparency to ensue transformative banking experience. With strong emphasis on complying with IT and security highest standards, C6 Bank is proud to work with a highly qualified team with robust expertise in technology. C6 Bank has pioneered in de-bureaucratizing the financial services and process of opening an account online by providing the customers with automated self-services.